Test Component Of Praxis II

Test Component Of Praxis II

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As you may be very well aware of the Praxis series comes in threes but perhaps the Praxis that has much density among all three is Praxis II. This area gauges the understanding of certain subject matters of the applicant as they were about to teach k-12 students. There are also portions for general and precise teaching abilities and facts to which subject assessments, Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and the Teaching foundation types are under. There may be various reasons why a person decides to take this test but definitely one of those reasons would include the need to acquire a professional license which most states and even organizations and associations look for as a requirement.

You maybe aware that this test could be taken by two options, the first option are the computer-based while the other one is the paper-based examination. Praxis II is the exam included under the paper-based assessment, wherein the testing areas are located in a variety of testing areas all over the region or state. Sine ETS aims to promote standardization and fair-play, in the event that an applicant doesn’t use English as a main language he is given a non-standard test at a complementary testing area.

Test arrangement

As previously mentioned the test has three parts while includes, subject assessment portion. This part calculates the subject matter understanding and ability of the applicant, the test is in a multiple-choice and an essay-type format. Next portion goes to the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) examination, this certain portion aims to gauge the academic acquaintance a the four grade levels of the applicant such as early childhood, k-6, 5-9, and 7-12. A case study method was employed in this portion and requires essay type of answers and has multiple-choice answered numbers.

The last portion is devoted to the teaching foundation test which intends to calculate the academic proficiency of the applicant in the major fields of education such as English, language, arts, science, mathematics, and social science. The questions in this area are answered with an essay and by having to choose a letter from the multiple-choice options that are presented. A sufficient time of two to four hours is given to the applicants who are taking the examination.

Coverage of Praxis II

This portion of the exam has 12 subject matters which the applicant has to pass. And the subject matters are Agriculture with the test number of 0700 and a passing score of 530, business with the test number 0100 and the passing score is 560, English has a passing score of 159 with a test number of 0041, Both the foreign language French and Spanish has a passing grade of 157 with the test numbers 0173 and 0191, respectively. Math Middle level has 148 passing score and a test number of 0069, math secondary has a passing score of 121 with the test number 0061. The subject biology has a test number of 0231 and a passing score of 150 while chemistry has a passing score of just 127 and a test number of 0241. General science has a passing score of 13 and a test number of 0432 while physical science has a passing score of 147 with the test number of 0481. Last subject in Praxis II is physics with a passing score of 112 and a test number of 0261.

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