About Gamsat

GAMSAT, best defined as Gamsat Teste Australian Medical School Admission Test, is a kind of test which is used to select candidates who are seeking to study medicine. The test is used as a criterion in selecting student intending to study dentistry, medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary science, optometry and other medical courses at Australian, Irish or UK Universities. Candidates are required to possess a certified bachelor’s degree or its equivalent before commencement for admission. This criteria of choosing students for medical courses was first introduced in 1995 by Australian Medical Schools and has since expanded to include other graduate medicine courses.

GAMSAT is developed and conducted by Australian Council for Educational Research together with The Consortium for Graduate Medical Schools to help in selecting students who want to enroll in graduate-entry programs in Australia, United Kingdom, and Ireland. The main purpose of the test is to evaluate and assess the capacity to take on high-level intellectual studies in the medical field and health professional programs.